Types of Readings

Astrology – a natal astrology chart based upon the placement of the 9 planets in our solar system at the exact moment and place of the inquiries birth.  Solar return charts and transit charts can be evaluated each year to update the movement of the planets through ones astrological realm.

Aura – An aura is energy field surrounding a body and is seen in various colors.  An aura reading is reading the energy emitted by the aura.  One should learn to balance their auric chakras to live healthy and profitable lives.

Clairvoyant – A clairvoyant is a seer.  Some people call themselves mediums, channelers and visionaries.  The clairvoyant is seeing and communicating with psychical humans as well as beings who have crossed over.

Clairaudient  – Much like a clairvoyant EXCEPT it hears voices, sounds and noises from the spirit world.

Color Therapy – The use of color in the aura and is controlled by the chakra’s in the human body. Color therapy is read thru the energy it emits.  Color therapy can be used most beneficially in the healing arts.

Crystal Gazer – The correct term is Scrying.  This is done with a small piece of crystal, usually a sphere.  Some scryers, such as Nostradamus, did scrying in a vessel of water.  The reader will see images and symbols within the tool.

Dream Interpretation –  There are many schools of thought on dream interpretation.  One should keep a dream diary and make notes of when things happen and how soon they occurred in order to find the pattern or the working of the dreams.  Dreams are mostly in symbols and must be discerned by the reader and the inquirent.

E.S.P. – Extra Sensory Perception.  This is usually a simple sense of “knowing’ something.  It may or may not be accompanied with pictures or images and sounds.  It is most often just a feeling of tremendous alertness and connection.   Everyone has E.S.P. to some degree.

Medium – This is another term for clairvoyant and  clairaudient.  It is the ability to communicate with the spirit world.

Numerology – The study of numbers in an individuals life.  It is a bit like astrology in that it is based upon the name and day, month and year of birth.  It can be very beneficial in making decisions in one’s life concerning all areas of their life.  The study of numerology is much more scientific than any of the other psychic tools.

Psychic – the word psychic was coined in the 1930’s by Dr’s R.B. & Louise Rhine, professors at Duke University, to encompass all of the psychic tools.  Individuals who are clairvoyant, intuitive, clairaudient, medium and empath can call themselves psychic.
Psychic Energy Readings – A psychic energy reading is another name for aura readings.

Spiritual Advisor – this term is a catch 22 because the reader is trying to convey spiritual advice to inquirent.  However; even spiritual advisors certainly deal with mundane day to day living for their clients. A true spiritual advisor will deal only with the spiritual questions and growth of an individual.

Tarot Card – This reading involves a number of the cards from a tarot deck.  There are many many types, such as a 3 card spread, Celtic cross, and 5 card spread, just to name a few.  These readings deal with the past, present and future of how your life is at the time of the reading. Tarot cards are excellent meditational tools.

Voice Vibration – this reading is accomplished by listening to the voice of the individual being read and involves several of the psychic tools.