Extra-large California White Sage Cleansing & Purification bundle. The California White Sage Smudge Bundle can be lit allowed to smolder while using, then extinguished in sand for use again. The Sage is hand picked, wild gathered and each bundle is carefully hand tied and given a blessing. These bundles are approximately 8-9" in length.


Instructions: Smudging can either be used to clear unwanted energies, activate healing, or assist in blessings and gratitude. Simply set intentions and light the smudge stick with a candle. Once your stick is smoldering, fan the smoke on yourself or in any area that you feel needs any extra attention.


To extinguish your smudging stick, put out in a bowl of sand, or a vessel that is heat resistant.  Try not to use water.

White Sage Smudging Bundle - 8-9"

SKU: WS1-275

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